Beringia Brings a New Twist to Performance Merino Wool with the Launch of AXIO, the World’s Most-Advanced Ultralight Natural-Technical Apparel

Summer 2021

If you missed the merino wool revolution in performance apparel over the last decade or so, odds are you’re an inline skater, disco dancer, or work for a polyester company. The old became new again as superfine, itch-free merino showed anew the qualities that made it a timeless, classic outdoor fabric for generations before us.

Throughout the pandemic, Beringia’s designers stayed busy behind the scenes, working remotely with our partners in Bishu, Japan - Nikke Textiles to be precise, one of the oldest and most respected technical yarn spinners in the world. The goal was to produce a perfect sport fabric that blended the natural benefits of wool (thermo-regulating, breathable, no odor) with the proven technical durability and washability of an engineered polyester fiber.

Beringia Ultralight Merino - Axio Tees and Briefs

The result of three intense years of development and testing, Beringia’s new AXIO collection is 100% made in Japan from yarn spinning, knitting and dyeing to cut-and-sew, maintaining extraordinary precision and attention to detail throughout.

AXIO yarn is an eccentric spiral structure composed of superfine 17.5 micron merino wool sheared from Tasmanian sheep, wrapped around a single, even finer polyester filament to form a smooth bundle of fibers that is exceptionally stretchy and strong, and never pills (one of the most frequent complaints about merino garments).

Beringia Ultralight Merino Tees - Axio, Made in Japan

At Beringia we’re extremely proud to have succeeded in making the benefits of merino even better by dramatically improving each garment’s life span. Merino wool apparel is expensive enough and Beringia’s designers have put in the time and innovation necessary to make the best merino and merino blend products in the world for sport, travel and outdoor use.

AXIO fabrics feature:

+ stretch

+ added strength

+ abrasion resistance (no pilling)

+ washability

+ longer lifespan

Why are we launching the AXIO collection in Summer rather than in the traditional wool season of winter?

Very simply, because as so many hikers and cyclists have discovered for themselves, merino wool regulates your temper in COLD OR HOT weather. In summer, wool actually cools you down and keeps you feeling more comfortable as you sweat under the heat of the sun. Skeptical? Just ask the nomads of the sub-Saharan deserts, who swaddle themselves in wool from head to toe during equatorial heat waves.

Why is Merino wool so good for travel?

Wool is famously antimicrobial, meaning it almost never gets stinky, even after days and weeks of repeated wear. It also never gets clammy and dries quickly. You can travel from train to bus to trek and not worry about changing into fresh gear. You’ll get used to traveling with less than 25% of a conventional travel wardrobe. Save your duffel space for whatever contraband you covet.

Launching with the new Summer ‘21 collection, Beringia’s Masters of Bishu premium skin-contact line of base layers and t-shirts will exclusively feature AXIO, the world’s most advanced natural-technical ultralight fabric.

See Mo/B Axio Merino Tees and Briefs:

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