BERINGIA™ represents the global evolution of the cult Japanese brand Teton Bros. Launched in the US in 2019, BERINGIA is a development-driven brand that draws equally from design ideation, technical innovation, and advanced fibre and fabric engineering. Partnerships that bring together locally-based artisans with the highest-quality performance textiles are at the core of BERINGIA apparel.

Since 2007, Tokyo-based Teton Bros. has built a reputation for delivering the finest in Japanese textile technology and craftsmanship to the Mountain experience, until recently only available in the Japanese market. A long-time friendship and shared passion for the mountains and ocean brought TB founder Nori Suzuki together with brand developer Rob “Bernie” Bernthal to showcase TB’s technical design innovation to the world.

As a pilot project, BERINGIA has partnered with luxury wool makers from the famed Bishu region of central Japan to apply their prized, proprietary techniques to performance-based apparel. The ‘Masters of Bishu’ collection features the finest wool fibres with environmental breakthroughs in wool processing, including the first use of Japanese ‘Regenerative Wool’ made from reclaimed wool clothing. The Masters of Bishu collection establishes a higher standard of merino wool garments for year-round outdoor adventure.

BERINGIA products are built to withstand the conditions of an Arctic region where binaries dissolve: night and day, past and future, fire and ice merge in a timeless, elemental drama of the North.

The First People who originally crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska, from Asia to America, channelled humankind’s spiritual connection to the Outside by means of ritual practices, “archaic techniques of ecstasy.”

BERINGIA is dedicated to recapturing ecstasy through outdoor experience.

BERINGIA’s North American headquarters is located in Bozeman, Montana, along with a design lab and retail store in Tokyo, Japan. Our new Australasian office is located in Wanaka, in New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

For Winter 2022 BERINGIA will unveil a specialty outdoor apparel collection showcasing exclusive fabric developments for the first time to Australian and New Zealand customers.

We welcome you to the world of BERINGIA. Stay tuned on social media for updates and the first local product release in May 2022.

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