Favorite Coat of all time

J. Kline

The jacket is way softer then it appeared on your web site. I was not expecting the comfort and smooth style. I am consistently running around from inside to outside and this coat is super warm and also super light so I dont get hot/cold like I normally do. Plus it looks sweet on the street!!

Best in class mid weight stretch puffy hoody

T. Campbell

This item is a perfect mid-layer for cold weather touring or whatever you wish. It's more breathable than the comparable Patagonia item, which I still like for climbing (no hood, marginally warmer), and works better if you want another hood in reserve. It's a great system piece in conjunction with Beringia's base and outer layers, and as long as you take the very soft hand of the fabric into account and pair it with layers that move smoothly outside or inside it, offers more freedom of motion than anything comparable. Fit is true to size. If you like longer fits, for more layers underneath or will use for under a climbing harness, larger may be better to facilitate high reach. Impeccable quality and style as always.

Wow....very light, soft and stretchy.


I just love how soft and light the jacket feels, very surprised to see the side pockets were higher than usual and kept keys and wallet from bagging out low on my waist. This was not described on the website. Was so functional with a back pack waist strap. Nice small detail. I used it for 1 hike and 1 ski tour so far and its living up to its claim of high breathability. I wore it directly over a tee shirt and never over-heated. I think this will be my go-to, for all but the coldest days. I'm loving the movement and stretch.